im trying really hard to not be a misandrist


i’ve been raped i’ve been abused

and no im not asking for pity

im trying to figure out why i feel the way i do

when im out doing something and a man starts talking in my general direction i really want to hurt him

theres a hatred boiling up inside of me

the idea of a man pisses me off. i have brothers and a loving father but neither one of them protected me when i needed protection.

not all who wander are lost: sorry not sorry


why do people always offer their ear for me to talk to them

bro if u even knew half the shit that went through my head

you’d need a therapist

and besides i dont fucken want to talk to anybody

if i wanted to id get a therapist myself

government mental health care ftw

and why do people think…

im a bitch


this pain that doesn’t seem to be able to get away

it hurts
it beams
it blows up
and makes me mean
i can’t control it

it overpowers me
and when i’m alone 
it subsides

i want to fucking hurt everybody
i want to spread my chest open
and rip my heart apart
i want to see myself bleed on the floor
i want to bang my head on a cement floor
i want to scream
to the west east south and north

i want you 
i want all of you to feel the pain i feel
i am a selfish bitch

i want to punch my fist through glass

but most of all
i want to die

what is going on?

i was prescribed anti depressants today
but i didnt take the prescription
said i’d think about it
i dont know
am i actually depressed
i feel so sad
all the time
sometimes i get better
i was so good for two weeks and then a week ago i relapsed
where am i
 who am i
living in a past life
hoping for a past future
i just want to talk to nicole.
she needs to make me better